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cherry coffee table

May 12, 2015

Very pleased to see that the glass fit so well!



New Digs (online, at least!)

August 27, 2014
New Prairie Woodworking Website

New Prairie Woodworking Website

Prairie Woodworking has a new website! It is a little cleaner, with loads of images, and –we hope — provides a better way to get a sense of Prairie Woodworking. our designs, and the kinds of projects we love to do. We’ve also added an online store — our first venture into e-commerce. 

It also has a blog/news page — which means we won’t be updating this site (except maybe to remind readers to check out the new site). So if you’re coming here for all the Prairie Woodworking news that’s fit to post, we hope you’ll check out instead!

Loving Local Businesses

July 8, 2014
Custom fireplace mantle with tiles from Clay Squared

Custom fireplace mantle with tiles from Clay Squared

Custom fireplace mantle with tiles from Clay Squared

Many of the projects we’re involved with involve the talents of many people — lots of them local business owners and local craftspeople. This beautiful fireplace, recently installed in Highland Park, involved the talented folks at Clay Squared for the wasabi-colored tiles and at Woodland Stove and Fireplaces (for the gas insert). We designed the handsome fireplace surround and mantle. So proud of this project!

New Spring Window Decorations

May 20, 2014


Prairie Woodworking Windows

Prairie Woodworking Windows

It better really be spring now — we put up some new, bright window decorations in the windows at Prairie Woodworking. Lake Street was ready for some bright colors!


Folded paper leaves for PWW

Folded paper leaves for PWW – I love the colors. We chose 3 shades of green and a nice rusty orange to complement the PWW logo. 


The windows are a little tricky to photograph from outside — too much glare!

The leaves are easy to make — fold a paper in half, cut a leaf shape, then fold!


Another close-up of the garland of leaves. 

Folding the paper gives them some dimension and creates interesting lights and shadows. Oooh – I just noticed that the tree outside still doesn’t have leaves….

Built-in Bookshelves

April 25, 2014

Built-in Bookshelves

We built these shelves a while ago: they’re custom-designed to fit the wall, with a special triangular corner shelf at the doorway that makes it hug the room nicely. I love to see the furniture we build once the homeowners have moved in: these bookshelves are clearly really being used!



November 28, 2013

One more clamp and the table would have flipped over!


Well Intended repairs re-repaired

November 28, 2013

This process had been undertaken before-not to great success. Large voids were found below the surface.


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